The manufacturing of portable office buildings is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the services we offer. Our skilled and diverse team offers a specialist planning, design, delivery and installation service.
  • Concept & Planning

    Is your business growing? Do you need more space for training or reception areas? Are you looking for bespoke smoking shelters or kitchen units? OR do you have something special and specific in mind? We’ll help you mould your ideas into custom designs.


  • Design

    Your custom design is a roadmap to the new space you desire. The design will give shape to your ideas and will give our designers the foundation for their technical drawings.


  • Constructing The Modular Units

    Using shipping containers, we bring your new space to life. The refurbishment of shipping containers allows us to keep the process simple, cost efficient and quick. All modular units comply with British Building Regulations and Fire Regulations.


  • Delivery

    When your units are ready, our haulage company moves the units from our lot to yours where we assemble.