10 Modern ideas for a refurbished shipping container

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Modular Buildings

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When you picture a shipping container what images come to mind? Large, grey storage units? Well, all that’s about to change. Over the past several years shipping containers have been used as a building material for a range of modern, cool and exciting architectural designs. Due to its strength, availability and costs, many people are opting for this eco-friendly addition to their home. We take a look at the most popular refurbished shipping container designs.


Each year a record of new container homes are built even Grand Designs has featured a shipping container project and architects are increasingly being approached with this new alternative building material. Container homes are popular for several reasons including price, the speed of construction and bespoke designs. You may not have the budget for a ‘Grand Design’ style home but refurbished containers give you the opportunity to design an inspirational and functional home of the future.


If a whole new build isn’t quite what you were looking for, many people opt for using a refurbished container as a guest house in their garden. Annexes are popular for guests, elderly relatives or teenage children and now you can add a ‘spare room’ without breaking the bank.


More and more people are working from home than ever before. With this increase in flexible working, home offices are becoming increasingly popular but you don’t have to give up one of your rooms to create an office space. To balance your home and work life you should consider adding an office in your garden giving you the opportunity to separate your workspace from your living space.


Gym memberships can be expensive and it doesn’t always fit in with your busy lifestyle which has led to a rise in home gyms. You can keep it simple and cost-effective installing a refurbished shipping container in your garden. How much have you wasted over the years on unused gym memberships? Now you can stay fit and save money at the same time!


From music to art, do you have a passion or business that could benefit from your own private studio in your back garden? Whether you need privacy or a soundproof space a refurbished container can allow you to design a studio around you and your specific needs.


That’s right you can transform a shipping container into your own home sauna! Enjoy the benefits of using a sauna regularly from circulation to stress with a self-sufficient home luxury for less than you might think.


It’s the ultimate addition to any home, forget about man caves or she-sheds it’s all about having your own garden bar. As we’re not blessed with too much sun in the UK it’s a good idea to ensure that your bar is functional all year round and shipping containers are a great material for this.


A garden workshop is a perfect place to complete your crafty activities and get your creative juices flowing without annoying your partner or neighbours. A private space can be built specifically with your needs in mind from soundproofing to state of the art.

Summer House

We’ve all seen the traditional summer houses for you and your family to enjoy but the potential has far surpassed the simple wooden frame. A refurbished shipping container can include any design that you have in mind for your children or for your own special summer space.

Swimming Pool

Last but certainly not least shipping containers are being transformed into swimming pools which can be installed above or below ground. Who wouldn’t want their own pool? If you’ve got the space you should consider repurposing a shipping container pool in your garden.

Have you been inspired to think outside the box? We agree that old shipping containers can be an ugly eyesore but with a bit of imagination and experienced help they can be transformed into contemporary, functional spaces. Contact our team at Severn Ready Space to discover the potential of our refurbished shipping containers in your next home design project

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